Our story

Founded in 2016, Odeyalo is dedicated to creating the softest loungewear for all. Keeping comfort, quality, versatility in mind, we want to bring lasting value to our clothes and those who live and work in them.

In 2023, our mission remains the same. The world has changed, and our wardrobe and home reflect this. With a sensitivity to the new reality, we want to bring premium essentials adapted to your lifestyle with an extra attention to colours and details. We call it smart loungewear with a playful twist. Simply put, we're here to perk up your every day by making it more effortless, vibrant and fun.

Our Resilience to Change 

We're an agile and nimble team, and similar to many small-size companies, we've been manoeuvring through extraordinary times. We're constantly adapting to what our customers want to wear. This ongoing dialogue allows us to create mindful collections composed of enduring styles with flexible layering options and versatile pieces. 

Behind the Seams

At Odeyalo, we believe in circularity, which means that existing resources are kept in use and repurposed for as long as possible. To minimize waste, we only do a limited run of all of our pieces. We also try to give our fabric scraps a second life by incorporating them into new products or donating them to local companies. Our mission is to go zero-waste.

In addition, a part of our clothing is crafted from end-to-roll fabrics, sourced from leftover custom orders from design houses. These textiles are the last of their kind, making finished garment even more unique.