Our mission


Odeyalo is considered a « slow fashion » brand for many reasons. Firstly, because we offer garments that fit perfectly in a minimalist wardrobe. We prefer creating a refined and functional assortment to an overabundance of clothing. Besides, by creating high-quality pieces, we encourage our clients to keep their purchases for many years and avoid overconsumption.



We have nothing to hide, which means, we try our best not to keep the details of our production a secret. If possible, we try to get our fabrics in local companies and we publish their content in all our product sheets.  In addition, we try to be as fair as possible with our prices and we offer online-exclusives at low prices. We have also created an "almost perfect ones" section on our website in which we sell garments with slight defects at a lowest price.



We try to use our fabrics in the most efficient way. Therefore, we offer our scraps to local companies that make underwear or children’s toys. We also work with Atelier Retailles to transform the remaining of our natural fibers into paper. Besides, we print as little paper as possible. Hence, you will never find receipts in your packages. Moreover, we avoid using plastic in our packages (whether they go to individual clients or to our stockists) by banishing individual plastic packaging. We also offer bike or electric car deliveries, in the Montreal area, thanks to LVM.



Because it is important for us to stimulate local employment and invest in our own city, our entire production is made in Montreal by independent seamstresses. Thereby, we make every garment in small quantities with the greatest attention to detail.

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