One year already?!

One year already?!

Say whaaaat?! They say time flies when you’re having fun, and this year has gone by in the blink of an eye.  Odeyalo is already celebrating its one year anniversary!  We feel we’ve achieved some great things and this past year is giving us hope for the future!

For the past twelve months, we’ve experienced a wide range of emotions. There have been ups and downs. As entrepreneurs, we face so many challenges.  We have to wear ALL the hats (even some that we don’t want to wear!).  In order to run this business, I had to be a designer, a manager, a salesperson, a negotiator, but also an accountant, a customer service representative, and so much more!

But you know what? I loooove it!  I love being out of my comfort zone to discover my new talents, or even my worst weaknesses that give me strength to push my limits even more.   I’ve learned to get to know myself better. Starting Odeyalo has also given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people.

At Odeyalo, we love people and we think that there is strength in numbers.  We try to collaborate as much as possible (and we have so many talented people around us!).  We never hesitate to give references for a contact, a friend, or even for a competitor because we strongly think that there is room for everyone.  We want to take the drama out of fashion and want to simplify everyones’ life.

We truly hope that it shows in our work. We want to bring comfort to you (like a blanket!) with our soft-chic pieces, but mostly, we want to make your life simple.  If you’re like me in the morning, your brain sticks to the pillow.  Finding THE OUTFIT can be a little difficult.  This top works with these pants… ok this is great… now the shoes???  OMG!  Few hours later, I laugh when I think about myself running around half naked in my room, asking myself so many “existential” questions on my outfit of the day.  

This is precisely why we hope that when you look at your wardrobe in the morning, it feels like a no brainer to throw on some easy Odeyalo pieces.  

On this note, here’s a cheers to our one year anniversary, because without you guys, none of this would have been possible (I’m talking to our clients, our suppliers, collaborators/contributors, our irreplaceable interns, our families and our friends).  We are incredibly grateful that you give us the chance to have your support and your love and that you shared your kind words with us.

 Long live soft clothing!!!

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