Margaux Zanetti, blogger and fervent believer of quality over quantity

Margaux Zanetti, blogger and fervent believer of quality over quantity

For the launch of our Spring / Summer 2018 collection, we decided to chat with people who we think have the "Odeyalo Personality". We wanted to know more about these women who work from home and prioritize comfort, while having an eye for design. Introducing four "comfy-chic" fans this week, read about Toronto blogger Margaux Zanetti.


What does your workspace look like at home?

Since I work closely with my friend on our agency, my workspace changes from my apartment to hers, to coffee shops in Toronto. But key elements are comfortable chairs, some background music or shows (we just finished watching all of The Office), and a power source because my laptop basically doesn’t work without being plugged into the wall…

Photo taken from Margaux's Instagram

Since the beginning of Odeyalo, we have named our clothes after beloved Montreal cafes, restaurants and bars. It is an infinite source of inspiration and we are always looking for new "spots" in the city. What are your favourite places in your city?

In Montreal, some of my favourite places are Café Pista, Café Ferlucci, and Foiegwa! In Toronto, I love Safehouse Coffee, Souvenir Studio, and Café Neon.


You seem to be interested in local fashion and you talk about it from time to time in your publications. How would you describe Canadian fashion?

 I think that, at the moment, Canadian fashion is effortless and cool.

 Photo taken from Margaux's Instagram

What guides you in your clothing choices when you work from home?

 In order to be productive when working from home, I need to get out of my pyjamas, but I still need to be comfy. I usually opt for pants that have some stretch to them, and a t-shirt or loose crewneck sweater.

 Photo taken from Margaux's Instagram

How would you describe your style?

I think that my style is simple, monochrome, and timeless. I used to try and experiment with different patterns and colours, but I realized that it just isn’t me. So now, I invest in good quality basics that I know I’ll get good use out of.


How do you manage to work alone for long periods?

I think it’s important to take breaks, whether you watch a 20-minute show, take a walk, or get on the phone with a friend for a bit.

Photo taken from Margaux's Instagram

What do you like most about your role as an influencer?

My favourite part of being an influencer is getting to meet like-minded people. I actually met my best friends through Instagram!


There is currently a growing number of fashion companies for whom ethics are important factors in the creative and production process. What do you think of this movement? 

I think that it’s super important for brands to start talking about who is making their clothes, and where their materials come from. Although I am aware of local ethical brands, I think that the Canadian fashion market is still very monopolized by big corporate brands. Recently, bigger stores have been featuring local creators, but there’s still a long way to go.

Photo taken from Margaux's Instagram

What is the best way for you to unwind - what helps you relax after a big day? 

There’s nothing more relaxing to me than getting in my pyjamas, making myself a healthy dinner, and watching TV while eating.


Tell us about your favourite outfit to work from home!

My go-to outfit is my grey crewneck from KOTN (a Toronto-based brand), and my black Joni high-waisted jeans from TOPSHOP.


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