Trend alert!

Trend alert!

I have worn my black jeans all winter, but now that it’s warmer outside, it’s time to change for my light blue jeans.  I’m confident that you’ve done the same since last week.  Keep it up because blue is THE trendy colour for the spring season, so be prepared to see it in different shades!  Here are the three shades to watch for 2017 according to Pantone:  

                                 Island Paradise                     Lapis Blue                            Niagara            


In my opinion, the first shade of light blue is perfect for spring, and even better to contrast with your tan this summer!  Island Paradise reminds me of hot days at the beach.

Next, Royal blue is back for the season.  I’ve missed the light of that one. I think it helps to accent every outfit.  At the moment, a lot of designers actually play with the colors and the textures of their fabrics to make them look more like denim.

Niagara blue!  This one is my favorite to make the transition from winter to spring. It’s the most versatile of the three colors.  It’s soft and it goes well with all the other shades of blue.  This one reminds me of my favorite and most comfy washed jeans.

Now, I know you are wondering how to wear the color of the season.  I will give you few hints to embrace it.  This season, don’t complicate things!  Every shade of blue can be worn one over the other to create a unique look.  Also, denim is everywhere, and people like to layer it!  Doing some research to learn more about upcoming spring trends, I learned that blue is on the catwalks as much as it is in the streets.  

                                Creatures Of Comfort         Céline                                    Mother Of Pearl



Blue is everywhere….



… This color can also be worn for a street style look!  Here are a couple examples to help you get inspired. 

The first one is the famous denim on denim.  We keep it monochrome for this one, using only one shade of blue.

The next one is a good way to wear blue while matching textures.  As you know, at Odeyalo we LOVE comfort!  Here, we show a comfy look with the soft cotton blouse and our favorite comfy jeans.

The last one, but far from the least, is once again denim on denim (I LOVE it!!), but this time in a summery outfit.  It’s a patchwork look that we’ll see often this season, and it’s also the ideal way to recycle your favorite ripped jean by giving them a funky touch!


Psst!: If you are in a lack of inspiration, we give you more ideas for the perfect styles on our pinterest board!!



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Source : Sandy Liang

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